Authors of the 11th Prague Writers' Festival
Dedicated to Primo Levi: “If Not Now, When?”

Erica Pedretti
Erica Pedretti Erica Pedretti was born in 1930 in Šternberk, Czechoslovakia, and emigrated to Zürich in 1945. She studied art and has achieved a successful career as a painter and sculptress. After living in New York in the early fifties, she married the Swiss painter Gian Pedretti and settled with him and their five children in Engadin in Romanic Switzerland.

She has published several award-winning novels, which include Stones or The Destruction of the Child Karl and Other Characters, Lostland   and The Cuckoo Baby or What I Certainly Wanted to Tell Her. “The past is always a pigment of the present.” Erica Pedretti lives in La Neuveville near Neuchâtel.

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